Monday, 8 June 2009

The Empire Lives

Despite being recently rather impecunious, I am not selling my Empire army.

Sadly, I do need to avoid the myriad temptations of new model kits - especially that stem tank!

Oh, for a limitless hobby budget!

- Drax.


  1. Do you have a theme for the Empire army? Uniforms and colors and unit choices and any of that?

  2. No. As a contrast to my Imperial Guard army, I'm deliberately using units from a variety of areas.

    I'm mostly trying to choose ones which are easy to paint!

    Cheers for swinging by,

    - Drax.

  3. Yes what we'd all do with that... although where would we put it all? :P and it's no good without limitless hobby TIME that's what I'm lacking in great amounts at the minute