Thursday, 2 July 2009

Warrior Priest on Foot


Well, like almost everything else in my Empire force, he's not quite finished, but having stumbled across him whilst tidying today, here's my dismounted Warrior Priest model:
NB: Sorry for the photo quality - they were taken at night.

I love these models - they're amongst my favourite GW sculpts, and I liked this one so much I actually created a D&D (3.5) character for him - great fun to play, back with my awesome old DM before I moved away from Norwich. Good memories!

Hope all's well,

- Drax.


  1. Nice work on the shield, book and parchments drax! I heartily agree with you about those sculpts too, I think as far as capturing the fluff in a miniature, these are pretty close to the best for fantasy.

  2. They are some nice sculpts indeed! Also, I didn't know you were also an RPG geek!?! I used to roll the old twenty-sided quite a bit. None since 3.5 though. Shame too, I'd love to find a decent group of RPG'ers around here.

  3. Thanks, Harreh,

    And yes, Brian, I miss playing D&D - it was a real treat every other Sunday: good company, great laughs, awesome DM and setting and after a half bottle of red I'd wend my weary way home on my bicycle - all ready for the Monday at work!

    But now I'm at the other end of the country and the new edition of D&D is a steaming cesspool of bilgewater.