Sunday, 12 December 2010

Empire Spearmen - Work-in-Progress


I was very kindly reminded by Warhammer 39999 that I needed to post which end, last night I cracked open the tub of Empire Spearmen, fixed up all the broken pointy bits and set about painting a few more heads. Here's the unit ("regiment"?) as it stands:The other side of the banner:And with Tycho the Warrior Priest in the foreground:This experience reminded me why I don't paint WFB stuff more often:
  • Metal pointy buts are a real inconvenience;
  • The models aren't very robust;
  • They're too spiky to be able to stand in ranks very easily;
  • I hate painting 'natural' tones and I'm not at all good at it;
  • The State Troops models have too much detail, and it's really poorly executed;
  • I hate painting plumes.


- Drax.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Spearmen - a little more progress


Yup - I gave myself a bit of a break from 40K painting tonight, and did some work on my spearmen.

Turns out they need only seven heads, one arm and some basing now until they're finished.

Here's a teaser pic - all boxed up at the end of the painting session:


- Drax.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Warrior Priest on Foot


Well, like almost everything else in my Empire force, he's not quite finished, but having stumbled across him whilst tidying today, here's my dismounted Warrior Priest model:
NB: Sorry for the photo quality - they were taken at night.

I love these models - they're amongst my favourite GW sculpts, and I liked this one so much I actually created a D&D (3.5) character for him - great fun to play, back with my awesome old DM before I moved away from Norwich. Good memories!

Hope all's well,

- Drax.

Monday, 8 June 2009

The Empire Lives

Despite being recently rather impecunious, I am not selling my Empire army.

Sadly, I do need to avoid the myriad temptations of new model kits - especially that stem tank!

Oh, for a limitless hobby budget!

- Drax.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mounted Warrior Priest

I'm avoiding work.

Just a quickie: my mounted warrior priest conversion.

I love these characters, and I think this chap's my general at the moment. His cloak and shield are fairly basic greenstuff sculpts - a latenight attempt, but it'll do.

I should point out (for anyone concerned about it): that the basic quality of my painting is because I don't want to spend too much time on these miniatures! Once I've more of them finished (note the disproportionate amount of 'foundation' colours I'm using on them) I promise I'll wash them in something to give them a bit of detail. Honest. It's a chance to try washes anyhow. But not yet!

Here he is (and I know some of the grass is loose):

Caption comp for that last one?

- Drax.
And yeah - I changed the blog title. This one's way cooler.

Friday, 17 April 2009

The Empire Strikes Drax

Hullo All, and welcome.

I've been blogging about my progress with my Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard army for almost a year now, and (with a bit of persuasion from 73rd over at The Whispering Woods) I've decided to use this new blog as an occasional means of recording my progress with my Warhammer Fantasy Battles Empire army.

My plan (ha!) is to keep this simple and very occasional: mostly because I've never yet played a game of Fantasy and I only paint the miniatures when I need a break from endless Guardsmen.

I'm not planning to add much in the way of gismos - I'm not even planning to change the font to 'Arial' as I normally do - but hopefully there'll be a few pictures up with most posts.

Here's my great cannon to start us off - I hope the slow match detail can be seen:
I've only a couple of units finished so far, but four units are pretty damned close. Watch this space, if you're interested.

Thanks for stopping by,

- Drax.