Sunday, 12 December 2010

Empire Spearmen - Work-in-Progress


I was very kindly reminded by Warhammer 39999 that I needed to post which end, last night I cracked open the tub of Empire Spearmen, fixed up all the broken pointy bits and set about painting a few more heads. Here's the unit ("regiment"?) as it stands:The other side of the banner:And with Tycho the Warrior Priest in the foreground:This experience reminded me why I don't paint WFB stuff more often:
  • Metal pointy buts are a real inconvenience;
  • The models aren't very robust;
  • They're too spiky to be able to stand in ranks very easily;
  • I hate painting 'natural' tones and I'm not at all good at it;
  • The State Troops models have too much detail, and it's really poorly executed;
  • I hate painting plumes.


- Drax.


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