Sunday, 19 April 2009

Mounted Warrior Priest

I'm avoiding work.

Just a quickie: my mounted warrior priest conversion.

I love these characters, and I think this chap's my general at the moment. His cloak and shield are fairly basic greenstuff sculpts - a latenight attempt, but it'll do.

I should point out (for anyone concerned about it): that the basic quality of my painting is because I don't want to spend too much time on these miniatures! Once I've more of them finished (note the disproportionate amount of 'foundation' colours I'm using on them) I promise I'll wash them in something to give them a bit of detail. Honest. It's a chance to try washes anyhow. But not yet!

Here he is (and I know some of the grass is loose):

Caption comp for that last one?

- Drax.
And yeah - I changed the blog title. This one's way cooler.


  1. Very nice! I think the shield and cloak came out really well, especially for a late night attempt, and your white is nice and smooth, well done!

  2. By the way, you get browny points for the blog title. Classic!

  3. Thanks, mate. It feels like an age ago when I did this now - I've even aquired a sculpting tool since then!

  4. Just saw this fella, I love how solid the Empire horses are made to look. I mean compare them to the Brettonian horses, they wear dressing gowns, no offence to any Brettonian players, just a comparison! But with this model it actually looks like a steam train. Is it still available from GW? I was looking online and couldn't see it but perhaps simply overlooked it

  5. Do you realise how close you were to a groan-worthy 'comparison' pun there? That dressing gown they wear is known as a 'caparison'!

    I thought you'd stooped that low when I glanced at your comment...but alas not. I'm way too cheap.

    My twisted thought process aside, the model is simply based on one of the Empire Knights. Truly boring models, but they look good once painted. Even mine look decent: they're the only unit I've ever painted in GW-prescribed (Reiksguard)colours!

  6. A nice general you have there Drax! Do you have a particular theme for the army? Is it going to a Cult of Sigmar army, heavy on the flagellants and warrior priests? My regular WFB opponent plays Empire and they can be very powerful and/or very jammy (Steam Tanks, Flagellants, Laurels of Victory etc etc). I still really like them though and someday I might collect a particular provincial army (undecided at the mo, which is probably for the best!).

  7. Thanks, mate!

    After the amount of time and effort I put into a nice uniformed unifying theme for my sprawling masses of Cadians, my blossoming Empire lot are going to be fairly diverse! So far, I have Reiksguard knights, Nordland spearmen and archers from the Eastern province - whatever that's called!

  8. Sounds good. I try to diversify too, when I get tired of lots of Guardsmen I go for close combat Templars or heavy support Iron Warriors or slicy-dicy Dark Elves etc. The Empire would be a great one for diversity alright. Oh and the ENTIRE range is in plastic too, you lucky sod!
    Keep up the good work!

  9. That is a nice smooth white paint job indeed. And, I have to say the temptation to start an Empire army is always lurking in the dark recesses of my brain. Hmmm. One box of Greatswords couldn't hurt, right?