Friday, 17 April 2009

The Empire Strikes Drax

Hullo All, and welcome.

I've been blogging about my progress with my Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard army for almost a year now, and (with a bit of persuasion from 73rd over at The Whispering Woods) I've decided to use this new blog as an occasional means of recording my progress with my Warhammer Fantasy Battles Empire army.

My plan (ha!) is to keep this simple and very occasional: mostly because I've never yet played a game of Fantasy and I only paint the miniatures when I need a break from endless Guardsmen.

I'm not planning to add much in the way of gismos - I'm not even planning to change the font to 'Arial' as I normally do - but hopefully there'll be a few pictures up with most posts.

Here's my great cannon to start us off - I hope the slow match detail can be seen:
I've only a couple of units finished so far, but four units are pretty damned close. Watch this space, if you're interested.

Thanks for stopping by,

- Drax.


  1. Great bunch here mate! What better to firstly represent the might of the Empire than with a blooming cannon! I look forward to your progress but if you play these guys anything like your Guard I'm sure your victories will speak for themselves

  2. I love the absoloutley horrified look on the canoneer far on the right, I reccomend washing the light cloth colour with Delvan mud or ogryn flesh, if done right It can make cloth that sorta colour look really good, just a thought.

  3. Thanks mate.

    I've (ahem) 'sworn' to myself (yeah, right) to care far less about the final look of my WFB minis.

    This is easy with the state troops, as they're poorly machined, and the knights lack detail; but I have been using them as a bit of an excuse to try some new things, so yes, I suspect that I'll do them all in this basic way then wash them all en masse. I'll take your suggestions above when I do that, too!


    - Drax

  4. As for being surprised, I mentioned that feature of my guardsmen recently, and people were kind enough to suggest ways in which to avoid it.

    Now all I have to do is train my sausage fingers to stop shaking long enough for me to put these ideas for fine detail into practice!

  5. I can't paint grey hair for love nor money, either.

    Keep an eye out for the largely 'foundation' colour scheme of my Empire troops. Easier!

    That said, in a move which is deliberately uncomfortable for me, I've decided that my Empire force will have almost no unifying features. FOr once, uniformity gives way to variety.

    Apparently it's the spice of life.

  6. You have gone mad! No uniform?! Bonkers I say!

  7. ahh, i just saw what you did there! I'm pretty good at painting grey hair (well beards at least) Basecoat - codex grey, then drybrush with fotress grey and then skull white, simple, effective and looks great on my free dwarf engineer (thank you for messing up wayland games)

  8. Thanks, matey,

    I'll give it a go. It's shame, because I like grey as a colour, but it always ends up looking so damned flat.

    - Chis

  9. I'm surprised you've resisted this long! I started out with 40k (3rd ed. Templars) but delved into WFB only a few months later (Skaven). Looking forward to the (occasional) updates!

  10. Well you sneaky git. I understand you are a bit of a closet GW hobbiest. I am too. But to start a whole new blog and not even tell me? Is there a closet in the closet?

    Seriously though, does this mean I have to start working on my Vampire Counts and whip up a new blog to show them off?